Turkish Packaging Paper Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish packaging paper, Turkey packaging paper manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality packaging paper from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

MARMARA KAGIT VE AMBALAJ A.S.        Türkiye         
s fluting paper, packaging paper, papar, paper, testliner paper
YILDIZ KAGIT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     sami yıldız    
s almond cola, cardboard, duct tape, ed cardboard, glue, gluing cardboard, gray cardboard, packaging paper, rope, sewing thread, stitching wire, stretch film, cellophane adhesive, waste paper
SMART AMBALAJ TASARIM        Türkiye     Cem SEÇKİN    
s cardboard boxes, cardboard rope handle bags, flat bottom paper bags, packaging paper, square-based paper bag
s packaging paper, packing paper, printing papers, printing paper, boxes, sacks, honeycomb, cellophane, newsprint papers, pasteboards, cardboard, paper for labeling, labeling paper, bristol cardboard, stationery papers, stationery, onion skin paper, domestic printing paper
CAGDAS KAGIT AMBALAJ LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Banu Yurdacan ELİTOK    
s air bubble film, coiffeur neck paper, crepe kraft paper, crepe paper, packaging papers, paper bags, paper boxes, papers, air bubble films, coiffeur neck papers, crepe kraft papers, crepe papers, packaging paper, paper bag, paper box, paper
FEDO KAGIT SAN. URUNLER LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s photoblock hanger, colored paper a4, agenda ivory paper, packaging paper, home page, sketches, polyester, bar balsa sheets, bands, barcode labels, bristol paper, cd label, skin rags, double-sided tape, drawing paper, diplomatic, boucle, file pocket, file for cover, file carton, labelstock, screen, labelstock products, fancy conqueror- antalis, fancy conqueror-timas, fancy black flat, fancy koehler, fancy olimpia, fancy plica, pearl fancy, suede fantasy, fancy a tual, fancy adverbs, fantaziconquer is, fund carton, photoblock, photoblock foot, photo paper, copy paper, frimpeks digital print foils, frimpeks foil, recycled paper, draft paper heavier, air envelopes, book paper, duplication paper, duct tape, kraft paper, coated papers, laser tag, magnet, model bar for, model cardboards, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard kraft, copy paper and, special envelope blades, tailor paper, paper tailor, pvc plastic, pvc products, pvc skin cover, tinted paper, color copy paper, picture box project, cellophane, thermal, spiral cone, stands, sublimation printing metals, thermal cellophane, tesla's paper, transfer printing paper, transfer paper, tearing not paper, envelope types, copy paper, magnet, barcode labels, bands, stands, packaging paper, bristol paper, kraft paper, book paper, pvc products, corrugated cardboard, double-sided tape, cardboard, polyester, duct tape, pvc plastic, drawing paper, recycled paper, screen, transfer printing paper, cellophane
ALTES MUMESSILLIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa ALEMDAĞ    
s packaging paper, aluminium foils, packaging films, kraft paper, opp bopp, ldpe, foil lamination, clay coated paper, aluminium tapes, aluminium foil, aluminum foil, aluminum foils, grease-proof paper, aluminium, aluminum, grease-proof papers, paper, papers, chamois paper, chamois papers, sulphite paper, sulphite papers, stick sugar paper, stick sugar papers, sugar paper, sugar papers, opp packaging, opp packaging product, opp packaging products, spunlace nonwoven, nonwoven, single pro, single products, coated paper, nonwoven, kraft papers, single product, coated paperskraft paper, kraft sugar paper, kraft sugar papers, wet tissue paper, wet tissue papers
MENTESOGLU KAGITCILIK A.S.        Türkiye     Vedat CAVLI    
s paperbag, mg paper, packaging paper, paper bags, kraft material automation bagbottle bag, large gusset bag, cardboard manual labor bag, special to firm logo printed bag, firm logo printed bag, fabric bags, jute bags, jute bags with gusset and base, cotton bags, firm logo printed jute bag, fancy paper, kraft paper fantasy, coated paper fantasy, hologram papers, hologram paper, colored tissue paper, self-adhesive decorations package, paper envelopes, decorated gift boxes, towel, paper bag, napkin, napkins, crepe, boxes, wrapping paper, flexo printing, offset printing, label printing, printed paper, bottle bag, offset print, kraft material automation bag, custom logo printed cardboard boxes, natural raffia, customer logo printed paper, serigraphy print, flexo print, patterned boxes, printed jute bag, kraft bags wide gusset, kraft bag flower design, decorated bottle bag
A-PAK AMBALAJLAMA MATBAA LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Gizem MAZLUM    
s package, packages, packaging, packagings, packaging paper, packaging papers, barcode label, barcode labels, rayon label, rayon labels, product label, product labels, cutlery cover, cutlery covers, wet wipe, wet wipes, wipe, wipes, cardboard bag, cardboard bags, tea box, tea boxes, industrial packaging box, industrial packaging boxes, pita box, pita boxes, wrapped cube sugar, wrapped cube sugars, pie box, pie boxes
ADANA KAGIT URUNLERI LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s paper products, paper, papers, packaging paper, packing papers, stationery products, kraft paper, printing papers
s air bubble film, coiffeur neck paper, crepe, aluminum bag, opp windowed paper bag, paper bags, paper box, shopping bags, auto floor mat, packaging paper, boxes for food