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Ilkay Paper is established in 1977 . The company has started in production of self-adhesive paper and tapes 2000. The company’s industrial contributions are packaging, paper, outomotive, construction units and white household products. Furthermore, manufacture components and related industry elements are served in the sector.In 2007 , new machinery added to the installations which made the company stronger in the field. Tape Innstallations; 160 cm wide hotmelt machine, slitting robot 300 mt/min working speed . Adhesive Paper Installations; automatic paper slitting machine 600 mt/min working speed. Ilkay Paper is a leading prosperous company in the area with the quality and service conception without compromise.

Ilkay Paper’s goal is to archive controlled and continuous increases by focusing on its core business activity of producing high-guality goods. The Company intends to remain involved in the market in order to keep abreast of and respond to new trends and to add new products to its existing portfolio.In order to defends its superior market position , Ilkay plans to invest stil more in research and development. Ilkay Paper’s most important avenues of future developments are label products and tapes .Ilkay will focus on both growth in the Turkish domestic market as well as in exports in the future

Production is assured to meet the staandards in 5 different levels for the quality from raw meterials which have been approved by ISO till end products . Taking environmental concerns into account, all selected raw meterials with care and all custom-made products are stocked in proper conditions .We assure the quality of the products at the disposal of the customers for any problems that might occur.
We proudly pronounce our personal commitment to understand,meet and when possible,exceed our coustomer's requirements through the continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free product on time at rhe most competitive cost possible. We focus on the become a united whole with our customers and we focus on to satisfy the changeable and veriable customer requirements by developping our goods and services. We aim to perpetuate superiority of our goods an service quality.
CREDO is a leading plotter paper manufacturer producing for cutting room accessories located in Istanbul/Turkey, producing for different areas especially for the garment industry, and we have already brought considerable differences in this particular market and we have determined "the standards" which had not existed before us, and which are completely on behalf of our customers. Here are the most important ones ; > We use three digits digital-weighing system so that our customers would not pay more than what it is supposed to be exactly. > We apply ID numbers in every roll so that we can know who made it, when, how, why.. etc. after the export till rolls are used and done. > We keep samples from every export affected, so that if you'd like us to give you info related to anything, regarding the goods received, we just find the related file and provide you with the necessary info asap. > We provide you with every detail about the delivery before/during/after loadings are done, including an online photo-demonstration of truck/container during loading step-by-step by e-mail. > We apply our own production glue called "intelligent glue" we call it “intelligent” because no matter the pressure degree the glue never damages fabrics and disappers if it is too hot, otherwise, it simply leaves marks on fabrics and it will be a part of it in the end. Also it sticks perfectly even in very low heats. > We have our own-made machinery and chemicals. Currently we are working with more than 150 more than 50 countries. Apart from the world-wide accepted quality, we have an excellent service during all the steps in Export, with a business potential growing continiously ! Thank you for choosing us !
Konsan produces innovative and state-of-the-art pastal and plotter papers with its strong R&D infrastructure. KONSAN that is known as the oldest brand of the sector didn’t change its quality mental
We are manufacture and supply paper, printing press, papers, printing pressers, coated papers, offset papers, cardboard papers, autocopy papers, photocopy papers, slicing, layering, polyethylene cardb
GIPTA was founded in 1984.   It operates in Ankara based area, 50.000 m2 area, 30.000 m2 factory and 10.000 m2 area in Istanbul.   Prior to the promotion and sale of promotional products,